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Cairo University, Faculty of Arts, Dept. Greek & Latin Philology - Lecture 2018

Lecture | 05.04.2018:

Education by Philosophy - The lecture provides an introduction in European literature of education and pedagogics, whose authors tried to educate their auditory by speaking through antique figures. This was very common since 17th century literature in Europe. Antique characters resurrected by literary adaption in order to educate the “young people”. Even in literature of fiction in early 20th century such examples can be found. The lecture undertakes to explain the impact of such authors and their texts in order to find a way of introducing their message to the public and for the young generation. Items discussed in the lecture are based on: Wolfgang Biesterfeld, Der Fürstenspiegel als Roman. Narrative Ethik und Pragmatik von Herrschern im 18. Jahrhundert (Hohengehren 2014) ISBN 978-3-8340-1401-6; Review: Gabriele Ziethen, in: Forschungen zur Brandenburgischen und Preußischen Geschichte N.F., ed. Preußische Historische Kommission u. Geheimes Staatsarchiv Preußischer Kulturbesitz, W. Neugebauer u. F.-L. Kroll, vol. 26/1, Berlin 2016, pp. 139-141. ISSN 0934-1234 (print ed.), ISSN 1865-5750 (online ed.).

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